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An Insightful Comment on Jealousy

January 29, 2012

Brian left a comment on my post Jealousy vs Envy: A Matter of Definition, I thought it was pretty insightful and it’s something I would have liked to express in my post. Since not everyone reads the comments, here it is for you all to read:

I don’t see the point of jealously. Not because it is so destructive, but because it solves nothing in life. Love yourself, be happy with your life, be empowered to change and to make changes not based on what others have or are, but on who you wish to become. Don’t be jealous of anyone. Do you know why? Because very few are satisfied, very few are free of self-doubt. I am one of the many my love, not the few. Your struggles are my struggles, are everyone’s struggles. When you eliminate jealously from your struggles, you can begin to see life through your eyes instead of coveting the supposed happiness of others.

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