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Friday Link Round-Up

January 27, 2012

Some of these links are old news, because I’ve been bookmarking them and then never doing anything about it, but if you’ve missed any of these stories, now is a good time to catch up.

Helen Mirren Will Own Your Interview by Nora’s Necessities: I really love watching this old footage of a young Helen Mirren giving an interview in 1975 to a dude who is pretty much obsessed with her boobs. Not only is Helen Mirren one kickass lady, but she’s smart as a whip. After you watch this interview, you should check out this video, which is an interview she gave with the same dude almost thirty years later. The contrast and similarities really made me think.

Margaret Cho Rightfully Looses Her Shit by Margaret Cho: Margaret Cho got a fabulous tattoo on her ass, took a picture, posted it on twitter, and a shit storm erupted. Some shithead(s) thought it was appropriate to fat-shame her. Her response was dead-on and straight to the point. Definitely worth a read.

You Should Fear The Barbie Crotch by Jess Zimmerman: A plastic camel-toe crotch shield. It’s a thing. It exists. Read all about it.

Some Fascinating Argentinean LGBT Rights PSAs by Thomas Roche: “The PSA is part of a campaign to support Argentina’s Transgender Identity Law, currently being considered by the Argentinian Senate. The bill is meant, among other things, to make it easier to change the gender on one’s ID without proof of gender reassignment surgery. The gorgeous PSA was produced by a federation of Argentinian LGBT rights organizations.”

He Wants to Jizz on Your Face, But Not Why You Think by Hugo Schwyzer: An interesting alternative to the whole “he wants to jizz on your face to demean you and take a position of power” rhetoric.

‘They’ is me by Ivan Coyote: A response to Xtra!’s decision to not use people’s preferred pronoun; an important issue in gender rights and identity.

One Teacher’s Approach to Preventing Gender Bullying in a ClassroomIt’s Okay to be Neither by Melissa Bollow Temple: I think it’s important for schools to support gender variant  children and to teach their teachers who to deal with gender bullying. Here’s a great example on how one teacher works to achieve that.

I’m The ‘Scary’ Model In That Awful Ashley Madison Ad   by Jacqueline: In case you didn’t know Ashley Madison is a dating website for people looking to step-out on their husbands/wives… the dating site used the image of an overweight woman in an ad that was pretty exploitative. Click the link to read more about it.

For The Record, Fat Women Totally Get Laid Too by Emily McCombs: This is a response to the ad mentioned in the above article and it’s a good one too. For the record, Emily McCombs is my new online obsession. Love. her.

Do This Don’t: Slutty Halloween Costume by Emily McCombs: Ya, ya, Halloween was months ago, I know. Whatever. I liked this article because it actually changed my mind about something and how often does that happen? I used to look down on women who would wear those ridiculous sexy Halloween costumes, and although I still prefer a costume with a little imagination put behind it… I was participating in slut-shaming with my better than you attitude. As Emily puts it: “Those out there casually bitching about “slutty costumes” on Halloween should stop and have a long think about just what’s wrong with dressing “slutty,” or acting “slutty” for that matter. And maybe explain just what wearing revealing clothing has to do with promiscuity anyway? I could dress up like a cheerleader every day of the year, but that doesn’t mean I’m letting you go deep in my tight end. (Those are words that I think are related to football.)” I though about it Emily, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Have a wild weekend, y’all, or not, whatever you do there’s definitely some reading up in here to keep you occupied during those down times!

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