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My Ultimate Christmas Wish List!

November 16, 2011

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do this: post a wish list. I don’t know if they actually work, but Christmas is coming and I thought I would put it out there. These are the things I want, need, or would like. It’s pretty extensive and I don’t really hold out much hope that anyone will fork out the cash for any of these things (haha), I guess that’s a little counterproductive is you believe the whole “the secret” thing. FYI, I never read that book or saw the movie, but the gist is “wish it and it will happen”, kinda. Okay, so that was a simplification, but here’s hoping. You never know, I might have a millionaire fan out there somewhere.

Dear Santa,

Daylight Simulator “Day-Light” – 179.99$ Thanks me.

I’m S.A.D. – I want one!

BioBrite Sunrise and Sunset Clock With White Noise – 124.95$

This baby simulates the sunset and sunrise for the best sleep EVER!

Gala Darling Book & Podcast: Love & Sequins – 84$ Thanks me. 

It’s all about self-love, baby!

Radical Self-Love Bootcamp – 100$ Thanks me. 

What was that about self-love?

Classic iPod in Black – 249$ Thanks Patrick.

Any iPod will do (used whatever)!

Portable Speaker Dock for iPod – 99.95$

Hey, if I gots an iPod I needs something to play it on!

MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.4 GHz – 2,199.00$

LOVE! Need it so badly! The MacBook Air is pretty awesome too!

Indigo Books Gift Card – 25$, 50$, 150$…

Books, books, book! So many books!

Black Ears Hairband – 25$

Every girl needs a pair of these!

Findings of a Voyager – 90$

A little art for my soul!

Red Heart Necklace – 72$

You gotta break a heart to use it!

Three Layered Bird Necklace – 71$

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but I fancy these birds.

Red Underwood Manual Typewriter – 425.00$

Any old manual typewriter (that works) would do, but this one’s a beauty!

Kindle Touch G3 – 149$

The Kindle Fire is pretty cool too (just saying), I need a Kindle so I can stop reading books on my shitty laptop, or my next wish list will include reading glasses!

I could go on, but I think this list will do. I mean I wouldn’t want to be greedy! If anyone actually falls for anything on this list, contact me for shipping information and if you can’t afford anything I always accept donation through PayPal if you feel like supporting Cuntlove, and you know, me.

What’s on your Christmas wish list? Share in the comments below.

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