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Laundry As You Like It

April 7, 2011

My Mom likes to collect things. For fear that she’s about a breath away from becoming a hoarder, I’m always getting her to throw out stuff we never use only to ask for them a year later. “Mom where’s that old typewriter?” “You made me throw it away!” “Oh yeah…shit.”

She especially likes to keep relics from the past, one of them being this General Electic Magazine about laundry. This is the kind of spread that makes me think of the show Mad Men. I picture men in suits, scotch (or is it whisky) in hand, smoking cigarettes, checking out the ladies and coming up with ways to conquer the world.

Do you think advertizing has changed a lot in the last few decades or is it all the same shit in a different package? Anyway, I thought these images were interesting… You can take a look at the full-sized images by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Update: On a side note, when I dream of suburbia, I dream of magnificent laundry rooms. A laundry room that Martha Stewart would envy. I would have a separate hamper for everything: darks, whites, colors, and delicates. Soaps and fabric softeners of all kinds. Delinters, ironing boards, oh my. These are but a few of my favorite things.

With all that said and done a word from our sponsors:

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