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Plus Size Stores that Use Thin Models are Whack

September 16, 2010

I just finished reading Lessons From the Fat-O-Sphere so I’m all gun-hoe about the fat acceptance movement or whatever you want to call it. Anyhoot. This is a short post, because it’s all pretty self evident as the title suggests.

Why for the name of frak do (some) online store that cater exclusively to plus sized gals use thin models or mannequins to show off the clothes on their website? Seriously, how are bigger gals supposed to know how a certain item of clothing will look on their body type when they can’t see an example of it in the freakin’ online catalogue?

I was walking through the mall the other day, staying out of the rain and going to the super market, when I walked by a plus sized store where all of the mannequins in the window display were a size zero floating in size 14 clothes, or they would have been floating in the clothes if the store clerk or whoever sets up the window display didn’t pin back all the extra fabric in the back of the mannequins.

Say it with me now: That shit is whack!

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