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Maybe He Was a Member of the Nazi Green Party

September 16, 2010


Ok, so I accidentally (I swear) ended up visiting a white supremacist web forum the other day. I was googling “clothing color codes” for an article I was thinking about writing (I won’t tell you my angle for fear of being scooped). One of the links I clicked directed me to a thread where the original poster had asked about the significance of green laces worn with combat boots.

I didn’t realize where I was (one of the most popular white supremacist sites) until I read a few entries on the message board and then looked up at the header to see where the hell I was.

My initial reaction? Fits of laughter.

When I picture white supremacists, neo nazis, or members of the KKK, I see angry tough dudes. What I don’t see (in my mind’s eye) is a bunch of dudes arguing amonst themselves about color coding their shoelaces or how “lame” Doc Martin’s are compared to Altama Combat boots or whatever. I won’t link to the conversation, because I don’t want any linkage between their site and mine, but here’s a little taste of what made me burst into fits of laughter.

Nazi #1: I saw a guy on the bus today with green laces in his Docs and I wasn’t sure of their significance. Does anyone know?

Nazi #2: If  he’s wearing Docs he’s actually looking to destroy our little web space.

Nazi #3: Seriously, shoelace color is *not* an important part of White Nationalism…

Nazi #1: Seriously, I was just asking a question.

Nazi #4: Ok, I gotta know. I promise not to buy anymore of them, but do you seriously expect us to throw away all our Docs?

Nazi #5: Green meant gay basher at one time. Nut nowadays the color of your laces are based on fashion and what you like. A lot of anti-racist and skins wear red laces or white laces. Just depends on what you like. As far as boots, I wear Grinders. Rangers, Tredair, Gripfast are some of the good ones.

Nazi #6: This year on St. Pats I wore green laces in my boots just for the Holiday, when someone asked me what they were for I said “White Irish Power”. It was the only thing I could think of for such a stupid questions. Wasn’t it crystal clear?

Nazi #1: I would have gotten it if I had seen you on that day.

Nazi #7: Doc Martens would have to be the most over-rated brand of footwear in existence.

Nazi #8: Maybe he was a member of the Nazi Green Party.

Some guy then goes on to defend the fact that he wears Docs not because they’re “trendy” but because he likes them. Also, apparently National Socialism (i.e. Hitler) was the first political philosophy to implement laws to protect the environment. There you go just another reason to join the cause of scumbags around the world.

Besides, the creepy hilarity of this particular thread the rest of the site was actually pretty vile. So much so that I actually felt really sick to my stomach. I just don’t understand how people can think the way that they do. It’s too fucked up. So much hate. Why would anyone want to live like that?

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  1. scratching my head permalink
    September 16, 2010 10:30 pm

    At least we know what they use to clean their laundry:

  2. September 16, 2010 10:34 pm

    Hey, you’re new, and by new I mean you’ve never commented here before, and by never commented here before I mean welcome.

    Nice vid. Pretty hilarious.

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