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The Jack Rabbit Wins the Race

July 10, 2010

This is the last sex toy review of the week. Stay tuned for my next posts, which will be about taxis and weddings. Intriguing, no? I’m at work right now, with the a/c running and classic rock playing on the radio: Oh Darling by The Beatles is playing over the airwaves as we speak. Every time someone walks in, I have to push the lid of my laptop down. If only they knew what I was writing about. Golly, I bet they would be surprised, then again maybe not. 

Anyone who has ever watched Sex and the City knows about The Rabbit. The vibrator that Charlotte gets addicted to. You know the one that gives her multiple orgasms and keeps her tied to her bed all day long. It’s like the Duracell bunny, it just keeps going and going. It must really suck being a boy and having to wait a while before being able to cum again. I remember when I bought myself a Rabbit, it was never very far from reach for the first week or so. 

The Rechargeable Jack Rabbit is a step above that. For one, it’s rechargeable, one hell of a good thing, since the original Rabbit depleted battery power like no other toy. It’s also quieter. Thank God! Because the original one was loud as all hell. I swear my neighbors could probably hear it. Well, they heard me that’s for sure. Ah, now I live in a house and I don’t have to worry about neighbors. Yay! 

The Jack Rabbit is one of my favs. It has a sleek design compared to its compatriots. Its power is better and improved. You don’t have to worry about the battery cover constantly slipping off (cause it doesn’t have one, duh). The only annoying thing is that you have to wait will you charge it, so it might not be ready to go when you are. Plan ahead, I say, and keep the thing perpetually charged. Problem solved. 

Oh, ya, for those not familiar with the functions of the Rabbit. It has two independent controls. One control moves the tip and the beads in the shaft in a circular motion, and the other controls the vibrating bullet that makes the little bunny ears tickle your clit. The shaft doesn’t actually vibrates, only the bullet/bunny attachment does. The shaft does however move in a circular motion: better to hit all those spots in your vagina. The shuffling beads at the bottom of the shaft serve to stimulate the opening of your vagina, which has a concentration of nerve endings. So, really it’s a three for one deal. Three for one, how can you beat that!

You can buy the Jack Rabbit from Sextoy.comwhere you’ll find a large selection of Vibrators and Sex Toys.

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