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Afternoon Delight

July 8, 2010

Every time I say the name of this toy, I think of the song “Afternoon Delight”. How could I not? But more than that I think of the Arrested Development episode where the title character Michael sings that song at a karaoke event with his niece. You see, neither of them get the double entendres of the song and hilarity ensues. All of this combined makes me feel like a giddy twelve year old. 

The first time I came across the Delight, I was shopping for a cheap efficient vibe and ended up buying a Colt Bullet, but before doing so I spotted this delightful little beauty. I was intrigued by the design, but at the time it was a little over budget. Let me say this though, it lingered on my mind. So when I had a chance to get one, I jumped on it. 

The shape is really what makes the Delight exceptional. It’s dual action: g-spot and clitoral. The handle is like no other and works really well. The lovely little curled tip makes it really easy to slip your finger through and control its movements. And with the flick of the thumb you can change its speed: it escalates, pulsates, and vibrates. Something for everyone! It’s also rechargeable, which means no more cases of batteries to contend with. The case it comes in doubles as the charger: discrete as well as practical. You can tell it’s worth the price just by looking at it. Most Fun Factory items are. 

On a personal note, I’ve tried twice so far and it’s so unlike other toys that you sort of have to developed a new technique just for the Delight. I mean, plain in and out mention just won’t do the trick. Think of the curved g-spot stimulator as your curved fingers and how you would use them to reach your g-spot and stimulate it in a J shaped stroke. The only change I would make to this vibrator is the clitoral stimulator, the nub in the crux of the curve, is a little too subtle for my taste. That is all. Investigate. Make up your own minds and delight in the experience. 

You can buy the Delight from Sextoy.comwhere you’ll find a large selection of Vibrators and Sex Toys.

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  1. September 13, 2011 5:47 pm

    Had to Show some love to Your SexToys 🙂 Muaah 🙂

  2. September 13, 2011 5:49 pm

    Sad news, it died on me!!! It’s won’t recharge anymore. I think I left it idle for too long. So sad. My sex toy collection is dwindling. I’ll have to invest in more.

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