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Bigger, Better, Huge

July 4, 2010

ABC’s new summer sitcom, Huge, stars Nikki Blonsky (star of Hairspray) as a teen sent to fat camp Camp Victory by her parents as a disciplinary measure. Her only other option is boot camp, a la Jerry Springer. Even with this threat hanging over her head she resists, Will (Blonsky’s character) and her fat are bff’s, and to proof it sneaks in all kind of sugary goodies with her in an attempt to gain weight while at fat camp. Obviously this gets her in trouble, and she attempts to run away, but a run in with the camp counsellor changes her mind. 

It turns out that the beautiful and fit camp counsellor, Dr. Rand played by Gina Torres, visited Camp Victory in her heyday, only to return and run the place that changed her life…for the better? At least, that’s what we’re lead to believe. 

This show has only aired one episode, but as far as I can tell it already has a cult following. Finally a show about fat people! Expectations are high. The pilot episode has already dealt, although superficially, with body dysmorphic disorder and bulimia, but the overwhelming feeling these teens are left with is that fat is bad. You would think that at a camp for fat people these teens would benefit from a more accepting atmosphere, but the fat hate is still very present. Not only that, but there’s a fat to fatter hierarchy that develops within the first five minutes of the show. The slimmest of the bunch gets preferential treatment from the other campers, while everyone shuns the girl who at least attempts to accept herself as she is. 

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