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Valentine’s Day Massacre

February 21, 2010

Did you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day? Mine was crappy, sort of. To some extent. I’ve ALWAYS been single for Valentine’s Day. Always, without fail. Actually no, that’s not true. I was with the ex that eventually tore my heart into a million pieces on a Valentine’s Day not too long ago. He didn’t acknowledge the day except for his commentary on all the poor saps waiting in line to buy flowers and chocolates. I gave him a book of steamy love poems that he didn’t like and returned to me after we broke up, because he thought it was one of the books I had loaned him. I mailed it back to him and I never did get back the book I had lent him. 

This year I felt sick. I was heading downtown to go see a show and I almost had a panic attack on the way there. I swear I almost turned around several times to go back home. A few days before hand the ex and I had the worst blow-up ever, the blow-up that finally brings all hope and remaining feelings to a crashing halt. God, I felt like crap, but I’m glad I made it out. 

I went to a little event called “Frankenstein’s Bloody Valentine”. I was in for an evening of burlesque and pseudo-erotic-horror-fetish films. A good time, if I say so myself. For those of you in Montreal, it took place at Burritoville (a vegetarian/mexican restaurant) and there’s another event scheduled for March. 

Matthew Saliba the organizer of the event is an actor, director, writer, etc, etc, that dabbles in the world of fetish, kink and horror. Vampyros Lesbos the short he showed that night was interesting to say the least. You should check him out on facebook if you are intrigued and you’ll have access to a bunch of links to things he is working on. An interesting guy. 

The two short films I’ve seen of his Dark Lotus and Vampyros Lesbos were both rather good. They both tell a story of erotic horror told with the use of still imagery and lordy lord do I wish I could buy some of those stills! Check him out, tell me what you think! 

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