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The Cuntfessional

February 21, 2010

Read this week’s Cuntfessional: Taboo is Just Another Word For I Want You!

Don’t forget to enter the contest! More than 500$ in prizes!

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  1. missimu permalink
    February 23, 2010 10:42 am

    hi new here and am so grateful for your site Olga..its awesome
    I have just recently scored myself a ppp…piss pot pet – our liason started with us meeting online – he responded very naughtily to my profile on a dating site where i was determined to meet my soulmate…this guy was looking for a hot affair…i played with him for awhile to see what he was into and decided not to go there as i am a good girl basically and do not fuck with other womens men – so after some fun and exciting E’s to each other i pulled the pin and went on my merry way looking for my real lover who was 100% available.
    A few months later and here i am horny as hell at 2am…had pleasured myself no end and was still not satisfied…oh my god what to do what to do…jumped on the net for some stimulation and decided to write myself an erotic story…i then got the idea to send an E to this guy – being totally explicit of my sensual cravings and left him with an open ended story for him to continue…hhhmmmm – what fun – the next day i got a response from him…soooo excited soooo profoundly spun out in his mind….sooo wicked was I!! ha that hot saucy E has now turned into an amazing journey of self-discovery. I am his Domme/ Goddess….he lives 500 kms away so alot of txting and E’s and occasional phone calls….and it is a totally exhilirating experience. And so totally erotic – have found a new passion of writing erotica and love it!!!
    We have written the most amazing erotica to each other for about 2 months now…we have had one encounter for 24 hours – very wicked to say the least. His moment of glory is being my piss pot – the biggest turn on for him is being ordered when i need to pee to get down on his back on the bathroom floor and I then stand over him and slowly lower my cunt down onto his face…his mouth is open and receptive. And slowly the flow begins and he is gulping my pee with great gusto – i didn’t think this was possible but this guy takes it all and hardly spills a drop…wow…this is the ultimate in humiliation for him and the biggest turn on – he declares his cock is the hardest when this happens. Our play is all about my pleasure…and to have such a devoted slave I am finding is the penultimate experience – he adores my pussy and only wants to make it sing totally for my pleasure.
    My pet is an amazing instrument in my development especially when breaking down the social taboos – if it doesn’t hurt anyone its OK!
    He gives me so much encouragement to be a powerful Goddess and he is a beautiful submissive….I accept my role with integrity and ease…it is a wonderful psychological journey for both of us and into the depths of the shadow self….i have fallen in love with this aspect of the shadow within me and find a great boost to my confidence and assertiveness….i believe that casting the light into the darkness is a truely spiritual journey…and an expression of erotic mental stimulation is a wonderful gift…..quite addictive…our next encounter can’t cum fast enough 😉

  2. February 23, 2010 7:10 pm

    I’ve had a few erotic email exchange where we each take turns writing what happens next. They have always been amazing. I often think about rewriting them a little and turning them into a story, but every time a relationship has ended I delete everything in an attempt to move on faster.

    Anyhoo, glad you found and like the blog! Welcome! Great Story. FYI, if you want to enter it into the contest you have to post it below one of my columns at Pop My Cherry Review. The one’s people leave here won’t be tabulated for the contest.

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