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Pelvic Floor Potential Defined

February 12, 2010

I wonder if I could get my ass sued if the authors from whom I reprint passages found their way to my site. Oh well, copyright infringement be damned, I’m doing it anyways! After all, it’s not like I’m making a profit here and if anything it actually promotes their work and might even encourage someone to buy themselves their own copy, righ? At least, that’s how I’m justifying it to myself. 

With that in mind here’s another definition from the pages of The Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom: A Reference Guide to the Symbolism, Techniques, Rituals, Sacred Texts, Psychology, Anatomy, and History of Sexual

Pelvic Floor Potential 

“If the pelvic floor muscles are slack and you do not know how o use them, you are missing out on one whole aspect of sexual  experience.”

                                Sheila Kitzinger, Woman’s Experience of Sex

The system of pelvic floor muscles in the genital area of women consists of two groups, each of which can be activated, or controlled, independently. The first group consists of the ischiocavernous and bulbocabervous muscles, as well as those responsible for control of the urethra, the musculus sphincter urethra. In the second group we find the pubococcygeus or PC-muscle, the pubovaginalis and he puborectalis. Exercising and training these muscles not only can enhance erotic sensations and possibilities for both partners in general, but can be used specifically for the following goals. 

  1. Aiding the ejaculation of female love juices and aiding the woman’s own control over the stimulation of her yoni and her orgasmic timing (Ladas, Perry, and Whipple, in the “G-Spot”, have observed that “female ejaculation occurs mostly in women with strong pubococcygeus muscles”
  2. Control over the prolongation of penile erection and/or the excitation of male ejaculation
  3. The absorption of orgasmic fluid(s)

Especially famous for their accomplishments in this area are the kabbazah and the women of Ethiopia and southern India, and today the technique is recommended by authors are diverse as Alan Ramsdale, Mantak Chia, Nik Douglas, and Sheila Kitzinger. Ramsdale, Chia, and Kitzinger give a number of detailed exercises – for example the Taoist deer exercise, the vaginal kiss, or vaginal weightlifting – designed to gain control over these muscles. Incidentally, such training will also aid the woman in the case of childbirth. 

Men have similar muscles of course, which are mainly used as an aid in the retention of semen. 

Hear that guys, time to start exercising your own set of pelvic muscles. I should also mention that since I started to exercise my PC-muscles on a regular basis, I’ve actually seen a difference in a pretty short period of time. Now, when I pee I can completely interrupt the flow of urine (even in mid-pee) and hold it for quite a long time. I used to only be able to interrupt the flow of urine for like half a second and even then never completely blocking it. As for a sexual difference, that remains to be seen. I need a partner to experiment with. Sob. 

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  1. Wayne permalink
    February 12, 2010 7:58 pm

    Very informative, and interesting, read! Obviously, since there are so many articles and books written on the subject, this is no “new” discovery. As I’ve mentioned in past comments, there are tantric exercises for males which target basicaly the same groups of muscles to enhance male staying power and to enhance the male orgasm once it is reached. By simple logic it follows that if the male can extend the length ( of duration! lol ) of their erection then the female is going to bennefit from an extended period of clitoral and/or g-spot stimulation durring vaginal intercourse. Since the female orgasm, unlike the male orgasm, can be sustained over a protracted length of time with continued stimulation, the chances of a woman acheiving female ejaculation, or maybe even the elusive “squirt” are even better! When a woman begins to climax, the key to extending or enhancing that orgasm is maintaining the manual stimulation. I’ve known women who could climax for several minutes at a time, and who could also experience sucessive climaxes durring the same act of intercourse if her partner is able to remain errect and continue stimulating her. I know that each woman is diferent, but I’ve found that in general a woman becomes more stimulated by a “round and round” motion than an “in and out” morion, and this is probably becasue this allows the penis to be in contact with a larger surface area of the clitoris or the g-spot. If by chance you are turned on by, or interested in post intercourse genital oral contact, I might point out that a really wet or liquid female orgasm just enhances the pelasure for the true oral afficianado! But keep in mind that Tantra teaches that sex should be FUN and not hampered by shyness or self-consciousness if it is to be truly mind altering! Have fun with this, find a partner who you can play with and have fun trying new things with, not expecting that every time is going to transport you. Once you’ve discoovered the various “things” that work for the both of you wou’ll be able to have “quickies” as well as marathons that give your brain that jolt of lightening. A good orgasm can and does do the body AND the mind as much good as a session of meditation or yoga!

  2. February 12, 2010 8:20 pm

    Great comment Wayne. I don’t really have anything to add since you covered a lot of ground already. I’m just replying to let you know I liked the comment.

  3. naturegirl1 permalink
    February 15, 2010 9:51 am

    I have two comments to make about this thread!
    First, the importance of strong pelvic floor muscles should not be underestimated, before my first child, my ejaculations were merely a dribble of fluid. Yes I could create a wet patch the size of a dinner plate but it wasn’t until my mid-wife followed by my health visitor drummed into me the importance of doing pelvic floor (kegel) exercises after childbirth that I found that my ejaculations could spurt out.
    Secondly, I am blessed with a husband who is perfectly at ease with his own bodily fluids. He will happily go down on me post coitus. I must confess that the first time he did that I was unprepared for it, I wanted to stop him! I thought” God, he doing?” but he insisted & once I got my head around the idea, I found it to be an unbelievably erotic experience.

  4. naturegirl1 permalink
    February 15, 2010 9:53 am

    Somehow, there is a bit of text missing from my comment above, it should read “God, what is he doing”! Dunno where that went!!

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