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Vinnie’s Tampon Cases

January 23, 2010

Ever hear of Vinnie Angel from NYC? Well, this dude is famous for designing and making his own brand of tampon cases. Directly from the horses mouth: 

Vinnie’s Tampon Cases are the world renowned invention of artist, designer Vinnie Angel.  Vinnie created his VTC project to provide period havers with a functional and enjoyable case to protect their period products from breaking in the bottom of their bags –and, by putting his cartoon face on every case, to entice men and boys to take an interest in the basics of women’s health. 

Initially Vinnie sewed his canvas cases himself and gave them out for free to whomever wanted one. He has given out over 10,000 free Vinnie’s Tampon Cases.  Eventually Vinnie allowed retail stores to offer his cases knowing that the conversations his cases create would multiply if they were available beyond his handing them out on the subways and streets of NYC.  

Now, nearly a half a million women around the world use a Vinnie’s Tampon Case every month to keep their period products safe in the bottom of their back-packs, purses and pouches. As a result, millions of men, upon seeing the brightly colored VTC in their gal pal’s bag, ask “What’s a Vinnie’s Tampon Case?”.  And, right then and there, a guy has volunteered to learn more about the monthly cycle. Armed with this new found information (and possibly appreciation!)…Next thing you know he might be bringing you chocolate for your next cycle…or offering a soothing cramp massages, or….. 

Get a VTC and try it yourself!

I don’t know about you guys, but this is one cool Dude. You should check out his videos and watch the one of him and his grandma stuffing period flow charts into tampon cases. It’s adorable and a little sad, since she passed away in 2005. I just like the idea of a typical guys guy making tampon cases and distributing them to the world at large, hopefully, helping to diminish the stigma that surrounds our periods. Gold star, Vinnie!

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  1. Wayne permalink
    January 23, 2010 4:23 pm

    Sweet! I’m always happy when I see a guy who is not only in favor of empowering women, but who is also very public and open about it! And hey, let’s be honest here, it also helps when the guy isn’t effeminate ans the neanderthal contingement can’t just write him off as a closet “homo” or as Ahnold would cay a “girly man”! I remember one time when I was going to the grocery store before a party to watch a bowl game, my wife sent along a shopping list, and one of my guy acquaintences went with me to help carry the keg. When we got to the store and he followed me down the aisle to get tampons he made some wisecracks about it, when I then picked out a pair of pantyhose for her to wear to work the following Monday he got really weirded out and refused to go thru the checkout with me, lol. I’ll never understand the guys who are embarassed or afraid to buy those things for their lady. What, are they afraid someone is going to think the products are intended for their own personal use?

  2. January 23, 2010 8:40 pm

    Hilarious. You bring up a good point though, I wonder why so many guys react that way. There are certainly the obvious reasons: homophobia, fear of being “pussy whipped” by their wives or whatnot…but come on, it’s kind of ridiculous when a grown man reacts the same way about buying tampons as a teenage girl does about buying condoms for the first time. I used that last one as an example, because when I was in grade five a girlfriend and I had made water balloons and a series of hilarious things with my brother’s condoms, and when he saw that we had used them ALL for our amusement, he MADE me go to the pharmacy and buy him another box. Man, did my face ever turn red while counting my change at the counter.

  3. Wayne permalink
    January 23, 2010 9:02 pm

    Now THAT is hilarious! Just think of the stir you could’ve caused at age 10 if you had the knowledge and sense of humor you now have, lol. I can just see you looking at the clerk all inocent eyed and saying something to the effect that you sure wouldn’t want to get pregnant, because Confirmation Dresses are SO hard to find in Maternity Sizes!

  4. January 24, 2010 2:46 pm

    I should start telling it your way, it might make for a better story.

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