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Who Wants to Tell a Story?

January 19, 2010

Keeping this blog updated on a semi-daily basis is a lot of hard work. Well, it’s not so much hard as time consuming and to be frank I sometimes fear I’ll eventually run out of things to say, which would be sad, no? When I first started this project, I was really interested in starting a dialogue with all you guys and really build a place where people could exchange their own experiences of all the subjects covered here on Cuntlove. 

I truly believe that everyone benefits from sharing their personal experiences and from reading those of others. Those of us who are already all grown up can still learn a thing or two from other people and quite frankly I’m sure you all have a story to pass along. Maybe, it’s a helpful piece of information or maybe it’s simply so that we don’t feel so alone with our own experiences and that we can find comfort knowing that others feel the same way. 

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about masturbation and sex education and I would like to hear your stories about it. Now, what I propose is that those of you who are so inclined send me an email at olgawolstenholme (at) gmail (dot) com and share your stories with me so that I can repost them here on Cuntlove. At present, the topics I would like to cover are: 

  1. How did you first learn about sex? Did you have “the talk” with your parents? Were your friends your main source of information? What did you learn from movies, tv, books? What was sex ed like at your school? Did you ever walk in on your parents? 
  2. What are your personal experiences with masturbation? Have you ever masturbated? How old where you when you first masturbated? How did you feel about it? Did you ever get caught? Did you ever masturbate with your friends? How do you masturbate? How would you explain it to someone who has never masturbated before?

As you can see there are two distinct themes: masturbation and sex education. There is no need to talk about both subject nor is there a need to answer every question. Simply share with me a personal story that comes to mind when you think about these questions. Try to keep it between 200 to 500 words for each story, but feel free to send in more than one. What I’ll do is collect them and share them here with the other readers. Stay on topic, but feel free to give as many details as you like. Make sure to tell me in your email whether you want to remain anonymous. 

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  1. Dawn permalink
    July 30, 2010 6:49 pm

    I’m female love to masturbate and do it as much as possible. I started at 10 after getting a hold of the book, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Afaid To Ask. After reading the good thing about sex was the orgasm, and you could have one on your own, I tried all the techniques described that I could at the time, and have been making myself cum ever since!

    I used a dome-shaped foot messager that my parents had around the house. I knew I could get vibration from that and started cuming with it that very night, pressing it against my mons. I eventually realized the feeling actually intensified if I actually put it on my clit! By then, I was masturbating every night, like a putting myself to sleep sucking my thumb, it became habit and still is.

    I also read Xaviera Hollander and learned to cum spread open beneath warm running faucet water. The water pressure hit agianst my cunt and I’ve been hooked to this practice ever since. One of my all time favvorite things to do!

    I was never caught, but my parents did wonder what ever happened with the messager since I’d started hiding it in my room and once they noticed it missing!

    I’ve never felt any guilt about masturbation probably because of these books. They are also where I learned about sex since I never did have “the talk” with my parents. Before reading on my own, I just thought you had a baby when you got married.

    At this point, I’d venture to say I’ve reached nirvana regarding the act of self love and I would never deprive myself of that state of being.

  2. July 30, 2010 10:44 pm

    Interesting. I’ve never heard of either of those books, and now my curiosity is rather peeked. Water pressure is also one of my favorite ways to get off. Unfortunately the place where I’ve been living for the last two years has the worst water pressure ever known to man.

  3. Dawn permalink
    July 31, 2010 11:24 pm

    Lol! Indeed! Low water pressure is quite a bummer for those of us that need that incessant pelting directly against the clit.

    Xaviera Hollander’s book is actually called, THE HAPPY HOOKER.

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