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Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Safety Tips

November 24, 2009

This is a little embarrassing, because what I’m about to tell you is tantamount to admitting to two of my faults. The first being that I’ve been reading Anita Blake Vampire Hunter (which is slightly embarrassing all by itself) and the other being that I’m embarrassed about something I’m reading, because I’m a little bit of a literary snob, which is equally as embarrassing to admit to. 

Fuck it, I say. I’m on book five of the series and I’m enjoying myself and besides the fact that this series is in effect crack for the brain, Anita Blake who’s a nut-cracking-zombie-raising-vampire-executioner-police-adviser also happens to dish out some good advice on protecting yourself. 

Sure, she’s generally protecting herself from vampires, shapeshifters and all other sorts of beasties, but something I read in Book 4 last night resonated with me today. Basically, she’s trying to sneak up to her own car without being seen, but she happened to park under a street light because that is always a safer bet when you’re alone at night. 

It’s simple, right? And it’s also something I never freakin’ do! I remembered this when I was walking through the parking lot of the grocery store to get to my car, which I had parked in total darkness. A great place to get mugged, especially if you are trying to balance four grocery bags in your arms. You see, I try not to base my decision on fear of what might happen. It pisses me off that I have to take into consideration that I’m a girl and thus an easy target for rape and whatever other kind of assault. I just never wanted that fear to lead my life.

So ya, I probably take more risks than some. I never stop myself from walking home alone at night, even if it’s a sketchy neighborhood. Hell, I’m not saying that I’ll be totally care free about it, but I’m still going to do it, dammit! Because walking home alone at night should just be one of those things you never have to think twice about. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly the way of the world and if taking one extra second to look for a light to park under might save you a live of heartache, I say go for it. I’m just not going to stop myself from going in the first place, but that’s a personal decision that you have to make for yourself. 

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