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Beautiful Cunts With a Hint of Strawberries

November 12, 2009

I’d like to quote Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant: “Are you over eighteen? [Pause] Say yes.” 

Just a quick note, apparently gmail has been spamming some of your emails. In the future I will be more vigilant in terms of checking my spam folder, but if some of your emails or submissions have fallen through the cracks, I am sorry. If I haven’t responded it is because of this unfortunate situation, which has just come to my attention. Hopefully, this will no longer be a problem. Thank you for your support and keep those submissions coming! Love your cunts!

This weeks installment of Beautiful Cunts comes to you in the form of three different types of imagery. This first image was taken by Caisa Viksten. The model remains anonymous.   

Strawberry Muffs Forever 

“It’s a picture of a friends cunt. It’s a scan of a dusty dia that I played around with in the Gimp. You can see more about the story behind it in my blog post at

How I feel about it? I just close my eyes and can still taste the gorgeous mix of wild strawberry and cunt juice.”

Now, before anyone gets all uptight or disappointed that this isn’t a real cunt, let me just tell you why I decided to include it in this week’s Beautiful Cunt installment. My first reaction was to thank the person for submitting it, but I also informed her that I wouldn’t post it because it didn’t exactly fit with the idea of the project, but when she responded with “thanks for considering, no worries, my snatch has a sense of humour”, I decided to reconsider because although our cunts are serious business, damn do I ever like the idea of a snatch having a sense of humour and hell the whole point of any of this is for us to loosen up a little. Read what she has to say about it, I love this girl! 

33 years old, “big and loose”, a snatch with a sense of humour

“I decided to send it in because I figured I would show my face in a pussy shot, literally. The other pussy photos seem serious (I don’t know why) so I thought mine would bring a smile to people’s lips, pun intended. Man, I could have so much fun with this, as should everyone with their pussy. 
This photo was taken at Sexapalooza in Ottawa. I like it because it is big and over the top like it is something to be worshipped, like we all should be. but I understand if it would offend anyone who has put up real photos of their pussy. I don’t want to offend anyone at all. Rather, I am a ‘big pussy’ for not sending in a photo of my real naughty bits. Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think?

I’ve introduced every other cunt submission this week, and I feel like omitting an introduction for this one was doing it an injustice. The pictures speak for themselves, beautiful, and I thought it important to underline my gratitude and the special kind of courage it takes to expose yourself online, of all places. So thank you for supporting this idea and hopefully encouraging others to love themselves despite every “pussy myth” we encounter on a daily basis. 

20 years old, sexually active for 7 years, no pregnancies, good vaginal health, shaves

“I used to pretty much hate my vag, because it didn’t look like Barbie’s. haha. I still have a few insecurities about my lips being oversized but, she works just fine so I’m slowly getting over the pretty pussy complex.”

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