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The Beautiful Cervix Project

October 20, 2009

speculumSurprisingly enough, the post that has generated the most hits on Cuntlove is Have You Seen Your Cervix Lately? Which is what prompted me to do a google search of the word “cervix” and one of the first sites I came across is The Beautiful Cervix Project. It’s a really interesting site, especially if you want to see photos of cervixes at different times within a woman’s menstrual cycle. 

If you would like to participate, the site author is looking for a variety of woman to send in pictures of their cervixes. She also gives great tips on how to take photographs of your own cervix (there’s a video, amazing!). All and all it’s a great visual documentation of the different changes a cervix will undergo throughout any given cycle, pregnancy, and intercourse. There’s even a series of pictures that was taken by a medical student who has an IUD, which gives you a great idea of where and how an IUD is actually installed. You should also check out her links page here

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