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Rent Girl: An Excerpt About “Pluto Transit Sex”

October 11, 2009

512N6WV7PDL._SL500_AA240_In celebration of “unbreakable cunts” here’s an excerpt from Michelle Tea’s fantastic book Rent Girl

I was having so much sex with Eleanor. we couldn’t stop. I had scratches on my cheek from when she fucked me against my glittered bedroom wall and the sharp topography of sparkle cut into me and I didn’t even feel it. 

I was feeling too much, I was feeling everything. Eleanor had bruises on her cheeks from where I bit her. Our limbs, our arms and legs, were mottled with teeth mark, we looked like spoiling bananas. We looked like we beat each other and we did. It would become too intense and my fists would rain down onto her chest, or she would grab the skin around my ribs and pull like she would tear me open if she could. I’d have let her. I was having so much sex, why not for money? Why not make a job of it? It spilled into me and out of me, there was so much: sex like water, self-generating, self-perpetuating, obsessive-compulsive Pluto transit sex. But I didn’t want to share any of it, especially not with strange, gross men. It would be beyond wrong. If only we could bottle it, the pheromone fumes that rose from our bodies. We could do shows, I thought. Surely men would pay to see this. Real lesbian fucking, the deep and brutal reality of it, hands plunged into unbreakable cunts, none of those gently skimming tongues, no rosy tumbles, this hard and scary sex, this exhausting, painful gorgeous sex. 

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