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Deadgirl: You’ll Never Have Anything Better

September 26, 2009

deadgirlI had an itch for horror today, and I decided to watch the movie Deadgirl. The premise of the movie was simple, two high school boys find a naked girl tied up in the basement of an abandoned mental hospital, and I thought it could allow for the possibility to really delve into the psychology of the characters. 

I was wrong. Let’s forget the horrible dialogue and the bad acting for the sake of this post and focus on the plot. 

Two guys, best friends, seventeen years old, still in high school, not part of the popular crowd kind of guys, ditch class and go wandering around an abandoned mental hospital, and get this, they find a a naked girl tied up to a table. She’s covered with a clear plastic tarp and she appears to be dead. Appears to be dead, that is until she takes a deep breath and you see the plastic sheet move. 

The girl isn’t exactly conscious and one of the guys pulls down the plastic sheet to reveal her naked body. Oh, what a surprise, she’s pretty freakin’ hot. Genius boy marvels at her body and decides that maybe they should keep her. His friend who’s the softer, gentler dude speaks up and says that that isn’t the best idea ever. Not because keeping a girl chained up in a basement is morally wrong in and of itself, but because they might get caught and go to jail. 

Of course they don’t free the girl, because where would the premise go from there. Instead, the crazier of the two rapes her and when she tries to bite him he beats the crap out of her and breaks her neck. She’s dies and comes back to life. In total, he kills her three times and finally comes to the conclusion that they’ve got themselves a zombie deadgirl on their hands. 

She becomes their sex slave. To be fair, emotional dude never has sex with her, but he doesn’t exactly do anything to stop it either. Nothing even remotely efficient anyway. As the movie unfolds, another one of their buddies joins them and starts to partake in the fun. 

There isn’t one line in the movie that brings up the fact that they are sexually abusing a girl, that what they are doing is in anyway wrong. The only objection comes from fear of the police and the only guy who tries to resist the peer pressure uses the lame excuse that he doesn’t want to fuck her, because he doesn’t want to stick his dick in her after all these other guys came inside of her. Even then they are still able to convince him to stick his dick in her mouth. At least, she has the opportunity to bite the damn thing off, which has the added benefit of turning him into a walking deadboy. 

And that’s when they come up with the brilliant idea to start making other deadgirls. Fresher ones that haven’t been dirtied with all their nasty business. It doesn’t exactly go according to plan, since the first deadgirl escapes and manages to kill everyone except emotional dude, but the dumb-ass has the idea to try and save the girl he loves, who is bleeding to death at his feet, by turning her into a deadgirl and keeping her chained in the basement. In the end, he’s shown at school happy as pie, leading a great life and heading to see his dead zombie sex slave, only this time she’s all clean and pretty and dressed up in a nice pure white dress. 

The thing is that with this plot the filmmakers had the opportunity to actually show some deep seeded problems with our society, or at the very least the moral struggle that would lead a disturbed mind to even begin to think that what they are doing is event remotely acceptable, but the movie only skims these issues and in the end turns the whole thing into a joke. A bad joke, that can’t even redeem itself with a little irony. I almost would have preferred it if they had pushed the envelop even further and turned the flick into something so extremely revolting that it could only be seen as satire, but really all you’re left with is revolting. 

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  1. Liz permalink
    September 26, 2009 7:58 am

    Such an interesting review of what could have been a really interesting movie… full of political commentary, gender issues, sex issues, ethical questions…. I’m so disappointed as to how it turned out. It really makes you wonder what the creators of the film were actually thinking. Probably nothing. The tragedy is that they probably just don’t get it. Maybe we should write them? Imagine if the movie were in the reverse and a couple of girls found a guy locked up in a basement…

    Either way, I find myself thoroughly disturbed… which is totally ironic because I’m not disturbed the way I was supposed to be by a horror movie.

  2. September 26, 2009 6:55 pm

    There are some elements of the movie that are somewhat interesting. For instance, the guy who’s the leader of the pack becomes more and more unstable as the movie progresses. When he’s alone with the deadgirl, he pleads her to look at him and starts to almost treat her like a girlfriend, but as soon as another guy walks in he starts to treat her like a whore. I’m not saying that that excuses his behavior in anyway, but that it at least shows some sort of bizarre character development.

    The filmmakers definitely had a good idea at one point or another, but what they delivered was way under the mark. I feel (and this is total speculation) that the movie might have gone through too many people’s hands. They mention in the deleted scenes that the original cut was over two hours long. It seems like it might have gone through several rewrites or that some important parts may have been left out. The abuse that the characters dish out does achieve the goal of being totally f-ing wrong (but it’s hard to tell whether it’s because I already feel that way about that kind of behavior or whether it’s because the movie represents it that way), but the moral stance of the characters who are supposed to find something wrong with what is going on are barely present at all and totally underdeveloped, which is what was particularly revolting.

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