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Cunt: The Word, The Meaning and The Magic

September 17, 2009

I’ve been looking up the meaning of the word cunt online and I’ve found a variety of interesting tidbits. Most people are familiar with its current usage, considered by many to be one of the most offensive words in the English language, it carries more power than the words fuck and cock combined.

Let’s look at a few entries I found on Not surprisingly, a search of the word cunt comes up with quite a few definitions. The most common being: 1. a synonym for female genitalia, and 2. a derogatory term for woman. Quite a few users then went on to define cunt as either the best part of a girl’s body or the greatest meal known to man. My favorite definition (well more of a comment really) has to be:

 For some reason this word really offends people, maybe because of the exceptionally crude sound of the word, or maybe because talking about the female genitalia is still considered unacceptable. Either way, people cannot seem to comprehend that it is just a word, making it a great thing to say around tight ass pussies to piss them off. I especially enjoy seeing feminists, who talk about penises all day, wince when I say cunt. Makes me so giddy inside.

It’s great to see that there’s still some giddiness in the world. Clearly written by some dude, but still you gotta see the fun in that. Who doesn’t like seeing tight ass pussies’ wince from the mere mention of a word? I know I do.

A shit load of entries can be found on the word cunt, but finding its root meaning is a little more difficult since no one seems to agree on its exact origin, but the origin story I like the best is that it was derived from the name of the Great Goddess Cunti, also known as the yoni (vulva) of the universe. The further back you look, the more positive the meaning of cunt becomes, generally referring to femininity, the ability to create, and all matters of the heart and eroticism.

I’ve always liked the word, simply because of the way it sounds. More and more women have been reclaiming the power of the word cunt and using it in a positive manner, and I’m certainly on board with that. Recently, one of my favorite trends is combining cunt with other words: cuntlove, cuntlovin’, cuntlover, and cuntmagic.

Isn’t cuntmagic just a delicious word? Try it. Say it over and over again until it loses all meaning and becomes something so wonderful you can’t live without it. 

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  1. October 3, 2009 10:52 pm

    I enjoy this site, it is worth me coming back

  2. Kathleen permalink
    March 20, 2011 4:51 pm

    The word “Cunt”:

    1275–1325; Middle English cunte; cognate with Old Norse kunta, Old Frisian, Middle Low German, Middle Dutch kunte

    “female intercrural foramen,” or, as some 18c. writers refer to it, “the monosyllable,” M.E. cunte “female genitalia,” akin to O.N. kunta , from P.Gmc.
    Some suggest a link with L. cuneus “wedge,” others to PIE base *geu- “hollow place,”
    The form is similar to L. cunnus “female pudenda,” which is likewise of disputed origin, perhaps lit. “gash, slit,” from PIE *sker- “to cut,” or lit. “sheath,” from PIE *kut-no- , from base *(s)keu- “to conceal, hide.”
    First known reference in Eng. is said to be c.1230 Oxford or London street name “Gropecuntlane”, presumably “a haunt of prostitutes”. Notice that sex workers are described as “a haunt of” in a deragatory manner, according to the name the street was given. Du. cognate de kont means “a bottom, an arse.”

    It could be argued that the root of the word “cunt” merely generalizes all female genetalia, but that upon it’s introduction to the English language it was appropriated to be used in a mysogonistic context. This would mean that re-appropriating or reclaiming the word would be possible in this instance.

    Sang Dictionary:

    the female genitals; the vulva and vagina. (One of the oldest English four-letter words. Usually objectionable.) : He thought he could see her cunt through her swimming suit.

    women considered as nothing more than a receptacle for the penis; a wretched and despised woman. (Rude and derogatory.) : Jed announced that he really needed some cunt, bad.

    Blake Edwards – “You’re too much of a cunt to be a prick.” , insult
    Typical deragatory context in Enlish language.

    I can not get angry at someone for choosing to appropriate language when I know they mean well by it. However, I think it is important to note that you can only “REclaim” a word when it is both being used against you AND it is being used incorrectly or with a meaning it did not originally have in modern English. You can not reclaim a vulgar word simply because it’s vulgar, unless the etymological roots of that word were not originally vulgar.
    I think that while many sex-positive people appropriate words with the best intentions, that the result will not be empowerment, rather it will be confusion of the thoughts of people in our culture.

    If a word sounds vulgar, it probably has a vulgar meaning. One can not simply strip the meaning of a word and give it a new one.

    Just as “deep”, “difficult”, and “complex” all have similar meanings but do not mean the same thing, “cunt” and “vulva” may not mean exactly the same thing. “Fuck” and “copulate” do not mean exactly the same thing. One is more vulgar than the other. As a matter of fact, “fuck” comes from a germanic root that basically meaning “to rape brutally”. Fucking and having good ol’ casual sex are actually nothing alike, yet people think they are because they use the word fuck incorrectly. Interestingly, while today our language is being deteriorated more and more, date rape is on the rise and so are other brutal crimes against sexual people. People are being “fucked”, not “made love to” or “had sex with”.
    Some scientists think that people learn words not only through context, but also garner a better understanding of the word because of it’s sound and the way it looks written. Sign language and brail follow the same sorts of patterns.

    This link shows my point, to an extent:
    Scroll down to “Bouba and Kiki”
    For more information on that study, just google “the booba and kiki study, synaesthesia”

    Luckily, cunt doesn’t sound horribly vulgar. It kind of sounds like bunt, as in a bunt cake, to me. Then again, I’m not a synaesthesite so how would I know? The word cunt DOES have a sharper sound than the word vulva, which has a softer ocean-wave sound.

    Many words in different languages, even when they do not share the same root (ex. Latin), have very similar sounds. Many latin-based words of different languages are cognates, yet other of varying roots share the same vowels, sometimes the same vowel sounds (assonance), or are homonyms. Less commonly, the words share consonant or vowel clusters.

    For instace: the Anglo Saxon’s word “Love” share’s the same dominant vowel for the Japanese word with the same meaning, “Koi”. The vowel is also the same in the Spanish word “Amor”. Love shares the same consonant and ends in the same vowel as the Germain word “Leibe” for love. It hase the same dominant vowel and beginning consonant as the Russian word Любовь , pronounced “Lyubof”. Love also shares the same vowel in the word “Oookywah”, which is a Hopi word meaning great love and great compassion. Another word for love in the Hopi language is “Shima”, which is a generalized word for love that can be used for loving a person or loving a favorite hobby. The Japanese language has 8 different words for 8 different kinds of love, so that cultural difference can make things more difficult when comparing languages, but “Koi” is the name of the fish of love (of all kinds of love, as well as kinship with all people), and is the word more commonly used to describe passionate/sexual love (even though there is a more specific word for that)

    V.S. Ramachandran, “Synaesthesia: A Window Into Perception, Thought, and Language”
    In his studies, Ramachandran noticed that people with synaesthesia would invariably have the same sensory mix-ups. The number six would always be magenta, and the word mother would always appear in the mind as puffy clouds and not jagged edges, even when the subject had a difficult relationship with their parents. His conclusion was that synaesthesia is most probably perceptual, not conceptual. This means that synaesthesites are not merely imagining their sensory mix-ups, rather that they are having a deeper understanding of numbers, language, and sound than “normal people” have.

    This is all a lot of information, and it’s all a little jumbled together, but I hope you take a look at it and draw your own conclusions. It’s a lot of thought provoking information.

    I myself do not completely censor all “bad language” from my vocabulary. I look up the word, sometimes I decide it should be reclaimed or appropriate to by more… well, appropiately used, sometimes I decide to not ever use the word, to censor my use of it, because of it’s repulsive meaning. Or, I try to educate others about using the word in the correct context (such as the word fuck, which I would ussually just say “rape” instead since there is some confusion about what “fuck” actually means and I don’t want people to misunderstand what I am saying).

    But you need to make your own judgements, I’m merely supplying some information.

  3. Kathleen permalink
    March 20, 2011 4:52 pm

    *Slang Dictionary

  4. Kathleen permalink
    March 20, 2011 4:56 pm

    Although, the idea of calling my vulva a “hollow place” “gash” “slit” or “sheath” (for what? his “sword”? ew!), rather than just “female genetalia” kind of makes me sick.

    My vulva is not a hollow place. Perhaps a “sacred place” or Yoni.
    Where did you hear about the goddess Cunti? I’ve heard of Yoni and Lingham from tantra, but never a Cunti.

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